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Skull Backflow Incense Holder Bundle with Charcoal Incense

Skull Backflow Incense Holder Bundle with Charcoal Incense

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Introducing our Skull Shaped Backflow Incense Holder Bundle, a unique and captivating addition to your home decor. This incense holder measures 2.6 x 2.8 x 3.2 inches, perfectly sized to accent any space with its macabre charm.

Place one of our premium, 100% natural charcoal backflow incense cones atop the skull, and witness as smoke delicately pours through the eye sockets, creating an enchanting visual display.

  • 💀 Easy Clean Up: Designed for convenience, our incense holder features a removable brass plate, allowing for effortless disposal of ashes after each use, keeping your space tidy and clean.
  • 💀 Incense Cones: The bundle includes three backflow incense cones, ensuring you can enjoy the mesmerizing experience right out of the box. They measure approx. 1.75" and are made of natural charcoal. 
  • 💀 Burn Time: Our charcoal incense cones offer a clean and smooth burn, with a burn time of approximately 30-40 minutes per cone.
  • 💀 Why Charcoal?: Choosing charcoal incense over traditional punk incense offers numerous benefits, including a truer scent profile and a reduction in toxic and irritating cloudy smoke. This provides a cleaner and smoother burning experience. 
  • Skull coloring will vary from photos. Each has slight variations in coloring. 

Burning Tips:

  • To light, hold incense by larger base. Light lighter and hold incense tip over flame. When the cone lights, turn right side up and allow to burn until tip turns red or grey. Blow out flame and place incense onto holder. It will take a few minutes for the smoke to start coming out of the bottom of the cone.
  • When smoke start backflowing from the bottom of the cone, line the hole up with the center hole of the incense holder. This will allow the smoke to flow down into the skull and out of the eye sockets.
  • Allow the cone to finish burning and cool before touching the brass plate or the ashes. When cooled, remove the plate and dispose of the ashes. A damp paper towel can be used to clean the plate.
  • Water may be used to extinguish the cone quickly.  



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